Quarantining and social distancing the new normal? Not to introverts.

Social distancing is a term many have become familiar with over the last several months.  For introverts however, it has been a part of daily life for as long as they can remember. One of the primary introvert characteristics is a preference for solitude. Therefore a person who is an introvert would have less of an adjustment to make in quarantine. Just as the sun gives Superman his power, so does solitude to the introvert. 

Solitude can not only recharge the introverted spirit, but spark creativity in the introverted mind.  There is less distraction, no one pushing for small talk, so a greater opportunity to focus and concentrate is available.  It is said that Issac Newton was an introvert.  He came upon the concept of gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree while he was sitting alone.  One might wonder if he was sitting with someone else carrying on a conversation would he have even noticed the apple falling?

Being an introvert is not a one size fits all.  Introversion is a flowing spectrum, a range. In that range are several personality types. These personality types vary in degrees of introversion, but many share common characteristics or traits. One such characteristic is that typically introverts do not have a desire to seek out social interaction.  So being socially distant is not the "new normal" it's the same old normal it's always been for introverts.