An introvert's guide to Zoom: Four tips for remote meetings.

With much of the country working from home for the last several months Zoom has become the new office.  Being that introverts hate Facetime, it's no wonder many are left feeling just as drained from this video meetings as if they were actually in the room with all the participants.  Yes Zoom fatigue is real! Introverts usually are able to retreat to the comfort of there own home for solitude and a chance to recharge.  Now the very thing that drains us has been brought into that sacred interaction. 

Well it doesn't appear that this new normal is going away anytime soon for the foreseeable future.  As introverts tend to be more of the "think before you speak" mind set, Zoom meetings can feel like you are constantly on the spot. So if you have already asked if you can just be emailed the information and that didn't work out, here are four tips to help you survive through you next meeting and beyond.  

And afterwards be sure to find a place to decompress!