6 Ideal Professions for Introverts

When it comes to the work place introverts have many strengths.  Introverts require minimal supervision and a very productive under this condition.  Introverts are focused and purposeful workers who are very good listeners.  This allows introverts to hone in on the project/objective/situation/need.  Introverts possess a creativity that is well a established and very useful in problem solving and written communication.  Based on these traits here are some ideal professionals for introverts.

1. Creative Professional - film/ video editor, photographer, technical writers, art directors, animators.  These are jobs where the creativity of the introvert gets to shine through.  Also many of these professions allow for a great deal of solo work, which is always a plus for introverts.

2. IT positions - IT related jobs such as programmer, IT managers, software engineer, involve plenty individual work that is usually purposeful and meaningful.  These positions also tend to focus on key attributes of introverts: creative problem-solving and developing new ideas/solutions.  This field is also high demand/high pay...win/win!

3. Accounting - another field that incorporates many of the strong suits of introversion. Analyzing data, creating financial reports and developing organizational accounting policies are just some of the skills introverts have a natural feel for. And once again...this is another well paying field of employment. (are you starting to see a trend here?)

4. Therapist/Counselor - What? Introverts and people? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but actually working as a counselor or therapist might be one of the most perfectly suited to introverts. Most introverts function very well if not ideally in one- on-one or small group settings, which is the setup for counselors/therapists.  Another primary role of the counselor/therapist is to LISTEN then put those deep-thinking introvert skills to work by helping people gain better understanding of their own situations.  Listening to the difficulties and challenges clients face and helping them modify and change their behaviors....Talk about work that has meaning and purpose! 

 5. Outside Work - I know you thinking "Wait... Introverts + Public Spaces = Dead battery".  Not so fast.  Outdoor work such as surveyor, landscaping, geological engineer tends to offer more quiet periods or time alone in nature. Take a position like landscape designer where you use creativity and horticultural knowledge to develop landscaping plans, select plants and other features.  Introvert nirvana!


6. Self-employment - the beauty of practically everything mentioned here is that all of them can offer an opportunity to work for yourself! From photographer, technical writer, IT consultant, accountant, Therapist/counselor, landscaper all these professions allow you to branch out on your own should you choose.  Working independently and getting to use their own insights is part of what allows introverts to thrive as freelancers.  Self-employment also allows you to set your own schedule, control your environment, and reduce your stimulation level (bye bye work related introvert hangovers).  Why not join the Billionaire Introvert club of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and Warren Buffett?